Manual Osteopathy (Bio’s)

David Ellis  C.A.T.(C), DOMP, Diploma In Osteopathic Manual Practice[Clinic Owner] Oakville

David received his Athletic Therapy training at Sheridan College and became a Certified Athletic Therapist in 1998.  He has worked at the National, International, and Professional levels of sport. David has worked with the Ottawa Roughriders of the CFL and University of Western Ontario football teams, as well as Canadian and International Skating. Throughout his career he has also worked with national soccer, collegiate hockey, and many other sports from the competitive to recreational level. David now works primarily with the running population of Oakville, helping individuals reach their goals ranging from their first 5 km to Ironman Hawaii.

David received his Osteopathic Training at the Canadian College of Osteopathy and is currently an active member of the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitoners.  He successfully defended his thesis on “The Effects of Osteopathic Treatment on Oxygen Saturation Levels in a Smoking Population as Measured With a Pulse Oximeter” in October 2005.  David has been successfully treating patients for over 8 years and has built up a solid client base in the Oakville area.

This has all lead to the opening of Balance Point Health Centre in August of 2008!

Misa (Michael) Todosijevic, DOMP, Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice

Misa moved to Canada in1989, fell in love with the country, and never looked back.

Misa completed his undergraduate degree with the University of Guelph where he received his BSc.  He become interested in the practice of Osteopathy so went on to obtain his osteopathic training with the Canadian College of Osteopathy in 2006.  He then successfully completed his thesis on “The Effect of Osteopathic Treatment on Common Migraine Headaches.” Misa is also an active member of the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners.

Since that time, Misa has gained valuable hands on experience by working in several multidisciplinary clinics, treating patients of different ages and backgrounds, with a wide range of conditions.  Misa is known for his gentle, caring and holistic approach.  He uses a wide range of osteopathic techniques in his practice that focuses on getting to the root cuase of the condition.  Misa also puts an emphasis in teaching his patients how to prevent imbalances so that they can maintain active, healthy and pain-free lifestyles.

In his high school years Misa was a competitive swimmer. He still enjoys swimming but has added cycling, hiking and other sports to his list of hobbies.  Misa looks forward to building his practice at Balance Point Health Centre.

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