Nutritionists (Bio’s)

Linda Ljucovic, CHRP, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Registered Holistic Nutritionist
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Linda graduated from McMaster University in 1992 with a BA in Labour Studies and went on to
complete her Human Resources Certification in 1994. Throughout her career in Human Resources, specifically learning and development and organizational development, she focused on teaching the skills for effective goal setting, performance improvement, coaching and leadership.

Linda obtained her Classic Hatha Yoga certification in 2001 from the Hatha/Raja Yoga Studies school in Toronto where she learned from Marie Paulyn, founder of Federation of Ontario’s Yoga Teachers (FOYT).  Linda has taught on and off on a part time basis in both corporate and private settings.

Through her own personal health challenges and those of her children, she has become passionate about the study of nutrition and its effect on the mind and body.  Linda completed her study at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2012 and is now a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN).  Linda’s passion is to educate other’s about how the food we eat impacts every aspect of our lives and that even simple and gradual changes can lead to improved health and a renewed sense of vitality.  Click here for her book offering tips and ideas for improving hormonal balance.

Linda has expanded her practice to include therapeutic grade essential oils (Do Terra) and is excited to share the many success stories regarding healing with you.  For more information on the power of oils or to set up a health consult, please call 905-483-1969.  Click here for an article on essential oils and immunity published in Silver and Gold Magazine.


Nindy Grewal  CNP, B. Ed, B.A, Psychology

Nindy Grewal is a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with First Class Honors. In addition to her Certified Nutritional Practitioner designation, Nindy holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from McMaster University.

Nindy spent many years working in the education sector, first as a primary school teacher and then as an educational consultant and recruiter for various private international schools around the globe. Her natural desire to work with children and her passion for holistic health and living, led her to IHN after she recognized a need for proper nutritional practice and education of nutrition in schools almost everywhere in the world.

Nindy focuses on designing specific health programs for children and speaks to parents and teachers about the healing powers of holistic nutrition. She emphasizes the direct link between food and brain as well as how proper nutrition can impact academic and behavioural results. She specializes in supporting nutritional needs for disorders that are commonly associated within children, such as ADHD, Autism, delayed learning and behavioural issues, skin conditions, digestive issues and food and chemical allergies. As many of these symptoms are due to the root cause of parasite infestation, candida overgrowth or compromised gut health, her protocols are very much aligned to correcting and healing these main areas. She offers nutritional consultations, group/family workshops, coaching and meal planning. The goal for her is to be able to not only help the child gain better health, but through the entire process, help support the families and the teachers that are also a huge part of the success of each child. Through her combined knowledge of child development and holistic nutrition, she is able to help families lay a foundation to better health and peace of mind.

Nindy continues to offer short talks and workshops at various schools and at Balance Point Health Centre to further educate people about the importance of nutrition and taking control of our own body’s ability to heal.

465 Morden Rd., Suite 110, Oakville, ON L6K 3W6, ph: 289 291 0254

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