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Available - $9.99 Buy today, "Stress Less about PMS" ebookPMS!! Does it cause you to feel irritable, sad, sore, achy and bloated? Does it cause you to reach for that family sized bag of chips or the mega sized chocolate bar?

Many women accept PMS as being a part of life, something that we are all meant to suffer through. It’s just what being a woman is all about, right? PMS symptoms are normal, right? Not necessarily! As a registered holistic nutritionist who is passionate about understanding the effects of food on your body/mind/spirit, Linda Ljusovic is here to tell you that you do have control over the way you feel. Not all mentioned PMS symptoms  are normal and if you have picked up this book, it sounds like you are ready to try something new!

Indulging in chocolate or chips might seem like a good idea when trying to lift your mood, however, doing so might just have the opposite effect. Stress Less about PMS teaches you that there are better food choices that will actually lift your mood and keep it more stable. This book is an educational resource focused on providing you with information on how to maximize your nutritional status by getting the right mix of vitamins and minerals for preventing PMS. Linda has made it easy for you by incorporating all of these foods into some fabulously simple and delicious recipes.

As you will see in the suggested menu plan, eating to reduce symptoms is not about deprivation, it is about  nurturing yourself and making small changes that will help you to feel more balanced, less bloated and more like your ‘pre-PMS’ self. So put away that bag of chips and whip up a batch of chocolate avocado pudding, or maybe a PMS friendly brownie. What do you have to lose?

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