June 2015 – Live Blood Analysis & Naturopathic Medicine 

Just a note, Shannon (Live Blood Analyst), to thank you for your fabulous help today. It was wonderful to talk to you and I appreciate your keen interest in reading through my notes to help me further. You and the Naturopath have done so much for me and in such a short time. I am very pleased that my Naturopath recommended Live Blood Aanalysis (LBA) or we may never have known what my root health issues were. She knew exactly what to do and I am so grateful to her.

I have been to so many places and now I feel that I am working with the best medical team. Also, thanks for providing my doctor with a complimentary Live Blood Cell Analysis, he was impressed with what you have done for me.  – Lynne Clements

July 2015 – Live Blood Analysis 

I am feeling better now, am less tired and have more strength. My headaches have stopped. My muscle pain is almost gone. I am eating 3 or 4 times per day now and I’m able to eat meat and bread again. I have a lot more energy: the difference between the level of energy I had 3 months ago and now, is tremendous.  I used to have low level fatigue right after I woke up in the morning until 12 pm.

After starting the drops, I was fatigued until 3 pm in the afternoon, and it was intense fatigue – I needed to take breaks every hour or so to lie down.  But now, the overall improvement in energy level is amazing. 🙂  I have also noticed my nose isn’t stuffy anymore and the pressure in my chest where I had bronchitis is gone. When I started to take the recommended treatment, I felt as though my chest was being crushed but now I am stronger than ever.  I feel light and I can breathe more air into my lungs.

I sleep better and fall asleep faster and I also smile and laugh more. Thank you very much for your treatment; the changes in my condition are amazing, and it has only happened after such a short period of time. – Alex

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