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Lower Extremity Osteopathy Class for Massage Therapists Emotional Aromatherapy using Essential Oils

Join us for an interactive workshop about how to use essential oils to change the way you feel!

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Immune Health Seminar Yoga Nutrition
Immune HealthDo you think that getting a cold and/or flu every winter in inevitable? Think again! Join us to learn how to avoid this annual nuisance. Inside Out Health Through Yoga and NutritionAre you looking for a new perspective for a new you? Learn and experience the benefits that yoga and eating healthier have to offer.
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_DSC8298-Edit  Healthy Choices Class
Healthy Weight Kick Start Program

Now is the time to take control of your health, your weight, your happiness and your life. It’s time for you and taking the time you deserve to be the best version of yourself.

Healthy Choices, Feeling Great, In body, mind and spirit.If you feel tired, moody, overweight, demotivated, or just don’t feel as well as you think you should, this program may be for you.  Together we will cook, move, learn, eat, shop and be inspired!
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 oils2  juice cleanse
 Essential Oils: Learn more about how to incorporate powerful oils into your daily life.View Class Hungry for Health: Eating Your Way to a Healthier You!  Do you feel like you need a cleanse to kick off a great fall?  Read on to learn more…View Class
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