Seminars – off site

Balance Point Health Center practitioners provide educational sessions of any length/topic that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Below are some examples of seminars that were delivered to some of our clients.  If you are interested in having one of our practitioners come in to your place of work, sports team/group, club or any group you participate in, please contact

Injury Prevention

This talk is designed for those who want to learn more about how to prevent injuries.  You could be an occasional walker or a marathon runner, no matter what your pace, injury prevention is important to maintaining an active lifestyle.  The discussion focuses on how to identify and prevent the most common overuse injuries, the lower extremity and the pelvis.

Workplace Ergonomics

The most common workplace overuse injuries like carpal tunnel and tendinitis are discussed.  In the session, we learn about prevention through good posture and proper use of office technologies.   It doesn’t matter if  you have a $500 chair if you perch on the edge of it!

Seminars currently being offered:

Winter 2012

Sugar Blues at Whole Foods Oakville – Tuesday, February 28th at 7:00 pm

Are you the type of person who has cravings for sweets? Do you have low energy in the middle of the day? If so, then this workshop will be a turning point in your life.

Dr. Jennifer Kaster ND will be teaching a class called, “Sugar Blues”.

This class is designed to permanently change your relationship with sugar. You will leave this class understanding the causes of your sugar cravings and you’ll receive practical tools for dealing with them.

It’s not about deprivation, it’s about freedom – the freedom to eat foods you love and have sweetness in your life without the side effects or the guilt.

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